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Photo: Ulva Island, Aotearoa - a kākā (large parrot with deep red, yellow and brown feathers) head cocked to the side, with tail and wing feathers splayed as if posing for a fashion shootPhoto: Tumu Toka, Aotearoa - almost fish eye wide angle of sun about to set behind rolling hills and cliffs overlooking a reflective rock pools and rough seas in the distancePhoto: Catlins, Aotearoa - fluffy moss coated branch that spirals towards the camera looking like  friendly sea monsterPhoto: Ulva Island, Aotearoa - medium close up of a friendly weka (a brown flightless bird) staring up the lens with one red eye Photo: Ōtepoti, Aotearoa - profile of an impossibly cute baby kekeno (fur seal) with big sad eyes and dark oil slick fur.Photo: Aotearoa - a kakaruia (small black robin) perched on a twig with freshly caught winged insect in its beak.Photo: Catlins, Aotearoa - a matuku moana (blue feathered white faced heron) alert, mid stride walking down the beachPhoto: Catlins, Aotearoa - a moss cloaked rotten log that looks uncannily like the profile of a dinosaur-eel creaturePhoto: Catlins, Aotearoa - a family of whakahao (sea lions) two adult female co-parents rubbing necks, while a pup leverages itself up onto one of the rear-ends with a clumsy flipperPhoto: Catlins, Aotearoa - long exposure of a wide stream gushing over mossy rocksPhoto: Catlins, Aotearoa - long exposure of a gorgeous waterfall spilling between rocks blanketed in deep green mossPhoto: Aotearoa - close up of a kahukowhai (black, red, orange, and yellow butterfly), wings almost closed, antenna projecting from it's comical gurn of a face, perched on the purple flowers of wild mintPhoto: Kaka Point, Aotearoa - a large piece of driftwood shaped like a hand clawing at the beach backed by a stunning cloud streaked sunsetPhoto: Rakiura, Aotearoa - karuwai (small bird - black head and wings, with white belly) perched on a twig with a tiny worm in it's tiny beakPhoto: Rakiura, Aotearoa - dew on a bright green mātātā (water fern)Photo: Rakiura, Aotearoa - a browning deer skull sitting a dark damp tree stumpPhoto: Kā Roimata ō Hine Hukatere, Aotearoa - a sliver gap in the clouds brightly lights the top of the otherwise dark and foreboding glacier Photo: Tokatā, Aotearoa - picturesque rocky islets stretch out to sea off the end of the iconic headlandPhoto: Ōtepoti, Aotearoa - a hoiho (the most endangered penguin in the world, with it's distinctive yellow band wrapped around it's eyes and head like a superhero mask) on the beach, bent over the edge of the foamy water as if trepidatious of getting it's feet wet.Photo: Rakiura, Aotearoa - red and faun and mottled beetle crawling across the edge of a wooden table with what looks like yellow egg attached to its tailPhoto: Piopiotahi, Aotearoa - the dramatic vertical mountains of Milford Sound, snow cap in the background, rough water in the foreground, light sea mist in between, on an uncommonly clear dayPhoto: Catlins, Aotearoa - a matuku moana  (blue feathered white faced heron) in flight, wings bent at full extension down, backed by the foam of small crashing wavesPhoto: Tumu Toka, Aotearoa - a towering wave about to crash into a headland cliff, backed by clouds lit like a renaissance paintingPhoto: Catlins, Aotearoa - a sleeping adult kekeno (fur seal),  its many battle scars matching the gnarled drift wood it lays behindPhoto: Aotearoa - a ridiculously plump, no necked kererū (giant wood pigeon) perched on a twigPhoto: Ōtepoti, Aotearoa - front on headshot of a kekeno (fur seal)Photo: Waipati Beach, Aotearoa - silhouette of a woman walking out the jagged mouth of a cathedral cave, wet sand beneath her feat, darkness framing the waves hitting the beach before her

Deep South Aotearoa

Photo: Ulva Island, Aotearoa - a kākā (large parrot with deep red, yellow and brown feathers) head cocked to the side, with tail and wing feathers splayed as if posing for a fashion shoot
Photo: Galapagos -  a grey lava lizard nestled in the golden brown fur of a large fur sealPhoto: Galapagos - two marine iguanas, one side mouthing the other, both looking directly at youPhoto: Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia - sunset across the salt flats with a silhouetted tripod, bright setting sun lens flare, stars and the milk of the Milky Way all clearly visible.Photo: Cuba - a simple clay figurine of a woman with cat ears lays face down on scattering of broken potteryPhoto: Colombia - brown yellow orange and white butterfly with wings half cocked, perched on limestonePhoto: Peru - dramatic god rays of sunshine through white puffy clouds hugging sheer cliff jutting mountains onto a foreground of high altitude Incan ruinsPhoto: Galapagos - bright white Great Egret bird with it's long neck stretched tall and elegant tail feathers whisping above brown pond waterPhoto: Colombia - pink and yellow heaven lotus flowerPhoto: Peru - cute AF Llama seducing you through it's long lashes and colourful woolen earringsPhoto: Ecuador - a row of upside hung pineapples, two a breast, begging to be consumedPhoto: Galapagos - grey blue lava heron perched in a black lava wallPhoto: Galapagos - red throated lava lizard perched on the head of a grey marine iguanaPhoto: Galapagos - medium close up of a mustachio whiskered sea lion barreling the cameraPhoto: Galapagos - a small brown Galapagos flycatcher (bird) perched on the end of a telescopic camera lens, with it's head feathers blowing upwards in the wind to resemble a hammer horror werewolf haircutPhoto: Havana, Cuba - a lightening storm at dusk over a golden brightly lit Havana seen from across the waterPhoto: Ecuador - a bright pink spoonbill (bird) in flight, having just launched from a thin branch, it's wide decorative wings at full extension below it's bodyPhoto: Colombia - black and white of a truck driver sleeping in a hammock slung beneath the truck trailer, between the front and back wheelsPhoto: Colombia - a millipede curled into a Koru climbing a rock wallPhoto: Medellin, Colombia - extreme low angle, looking directly at the sky, of Light sculptures (tall cylinders resembling lightsabers) during the day in Plaza de CisnerosPhoto: Colombia - long whispy fluffed caterpillar crawling along a coffee plant branch passed green coffee beansPhoto: Colombia - the front of cute red jeep with anthropomorphic headlights complete with chrome jutting eyelids and embossed name "WILLYS" across the forehead/bonnetPhoto: Havana, Cuba - a man filling up an antique car with gasoline from an old plastic bottle into a funnel while smoking a cigarette over it Photo: Colombia - Rubenesque woman shaped salt shakerPhoto: Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia - perspective photo of Stefan squatting with his tiny friend appearing to be bicep deep between his cheeks, as though he just escaped the giant's colonPhoto: Havana, Cuba - low angle of birds of prey circling top of the Jose Marti memorialPhoto: Colombia - three white sings on glass doors to a mall, they're circles with lines through them over icon images instructing no rollerblading, smoking, or gunsPhoto: Tayrona National Park, Colombia - silhouette of four people soaking up a sepia sunset over rough waters on smoothed rocks at edge of the jungle

Central and South América

Photo: Galapagos -  a grey lava lizard nestled in the golden brown fur of a large fur seal
Photo: Turkmenistan - Stefan running towards the edge of a precipice overhanging a desert far below with a huge terraced rock on the desert floorPhoto: Paris - dramatically lit bust of a possibly roman figure with a raise arm that's been severed near the shoulder, and wild hair framing a face alive with anger, fear, and horrorPhoto: Hong Kong, Lantau Island - low angle of huge Tian Tan Buddha statue with an intense lens flare from the sun striking the camera across the Buddha's lapPhoto: Turkmenistan - close up of a spherical Osage-orange, a bizarre light green fruit that looks somewhat like a crocheted brainPhoto: France - green trees and bushes against a moody sky perfectly mirrored in glassy riverPhoto: crocodile's head mostly submerged in murky water with blades of green grass across it's snout and one eye looking directly at you.Photo: Barcelona - Gaudi house ceiling light, like a steampunk flower chandelier at the center of fabric like swirls of the ceiling plasterPhoto: New York, Central Park - oblique profile of a desperately cute squirrel missing its front right paw, eyeballing the camera, casting it's shadow on white white snowPhoto: New York City - extreme low angle of the Statue of Liberty with snow falling on the lens from a grey sheet of sky behind herPhoto: Berlin - huge street art of a pink humanoid monster made of many clambering humans, raising a human to it's mouth to consume it.  The piece is titled "Capitalism".Photo: Brussels - view from underneath the Atomium sculpture with long shafts of red opaque prism like blunt spikes in the foreground, and the stainless steel balls of the giant molecular model sculpture high above in the backgroundTwo blonde Alaskan Huskie puppies in the snows of Tromso, one with an arched back threat posture, the other one bounding awayPhoto: Europe - intensely blue close up of a flower or succulent frozen in a wall of ice - bubbles around petals and veins make it hard to identify the plantPhoto: Mexico - close up of Trametes tree fungus - green and white striped fans jutting from the tree trunk, dusted dark brown detritusThick ethereal ribbons of red and green aurora borealis ripple over a snow field in Alta, NorwayPhoto: Turkmenistan, Derweze - "The Door to Hell" a fiery crater spewing methane fueled flame in the desert seen at dusk from a droneClose up of bright white fluffy frost crystals in NorwayA reindeer wanders alone along a Lyngen Alps expresswayA cloud suffocated sun punches through the dark haze to bathe half a conical mountain with its yellow blaze in Hokkaido, Japan.A man is dwarfed by a frozen waterfall towering above  him, hand on hip as he tries to figure out how to fill his drink bottle from the drapery of solid ice.A plump Norwegian magpie perched on the last limb of a broken frozen tree, staring directly at youDramatic jagged mountains, dusted with icing sugar snow, their verticality plunging into the ocean fjord, with the quaint fishing village of Rein nestled at their base on the waters edge.Ethereal ribbons of a full-dome green and red aurora borealis dancing above Tromsø Norway, framed by trees and hints of traditional dwellings.

The North

Photo: Turkmenistan - Stefan running towards the edge of a precipice overhanging a desert far below with a huge terraced rock on the desert floor