Stefan Rochfort
digital creative and full stack software developer


Enough about me, what about you – what do you think about me?  Urgh… maybe it’s growing up in wild, beautiful, tall-poppy-decapitating Aotearoa, but I like talking about myself as much as I like gargling broken glass. Which makes this website feel like something between cognitive dissonance and hypocrisy.  I have forced myself to biographically bla bla before, when some lovely people asked me to, so if you really wanna know the gory deets, read this interview.

If you’re here on purpose, you’re probably more interested in the things I can do for you - I got skillz:

Software Developer: full stack software development - predominately Microsoft stack, and Unity
Digital Creative: writer, director, producer, camera / drone operator, photographer, editor, VFX artist, sound designer, music composer
Reluctant Leader: people and project management, workshop facilitator, guest lecturer


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