Virtual Reality &
Software Development

Talking Mimes

A touching, funny, infuriating, harrowing and ultimately hopeful VR experience drawn from true stories of people with profound physical disabilities. Talking Mimes is an emotional education piece with companion workshops designed to: Start practical conversations around safety and respect; actively reject the soft bigotry of low expectations; peel back the layers of alienation and teach us how to be less accidentally condescending arseholes, and more on purpose good humans.

The experience and companion workshops have been deployed in university, commercial, and private contexts with results ranging from practical enlightenment of students and professionals, to cry-your-face-off beautiful feedback from people with disabilities and their families.


Creator, producer, writer, director, editor, VFX artist, sound designer, researcher, software developer, workshop facilitator, guest lecturer

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She Said YUSSS!

What started as a modest personal project got out of hand quickly, but ultimately delivered with the clearest definition of success.


Writer, director, 3D modeler / artist, sound designer, music composer, software developer, fiancée

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Being part of the team at Thought-Wired, a tech-for-good startup creating EEG and EOG (thinking and blinking) software for people with profound physical disabilities, was life changing for me. From minor coding work, through creating media and exploiting my network to help raise equity (we smashed our crowd equity campaign target by 150%), and helping deliver TW's first commercial assistive technology product internationally... I cannot overstate how much gratitude and love I have for my fellow TeeDubbers.


Digital media creative (writer, director, editor, director of photography, camera / drone operator, sound designer), software developer, advisor, community activator

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Business Software Development

This portfolio is focused on creative and passion projects.  However, to keep the lights on, and help fund said passion projects, I also do software development work for businesses in various verticals. I’ve had over 25 years IT experience across many roles including senior full-stack software developer, analyst, DBA, project manager, and head of department for a large multinational.


Technical skillset includes, but not limited to: .NET Framework/Core (Web/Cloud/Desktop), Unity, SQL Server (DBA and dev), SSRS, SSIS, SSAS, Power Platform (Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate...), HTML 5, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap…