producer, writer, director, DOP, camera / drone operator, VFX supervisor / artist, editor, sound designer


Inspired by real events; based on actual fungus...

Ergotism enjoyed international success with awards, festival, and broadcast releases across five continents. The film even turned a wee profit, despite being ripped and dubbed by Russian pirates.


Producer, writer, director, editor, VFX supervisor/artist, sound designer

Derweze, Turkmenistan
The Door to Hell

Getting a drone into the camera-shy cult of personality dictatorship of Turkmenistan was tricky. Not melting said drone as it flew under a meter above the blistering mouth of The Door to Hell, less so. The 90 meter crater was purportedly created by Russian prospectors who fumbled a drilling operation. They lit the deadly methane spewing from the pit proclaiming it'd burn out in a couple of weeks.... that was in 1971.  

In a surprising, unsolicited turn, this footage was licensed to sell whisky in Europe.


Videographer (director, editor, camera / drone operator)


Being part of the team at Thought-Wired, a tech-for-good startup creating EEG and EOG (thinking and blinking) software for people with profound physical disabilities, was life changing for me. From minor coding work, through creating media and exploiting my network to help raise equity (we smashed our crowd equity campaign target by 150%), and helping deliver TW's first commercial assistive technology product internationally... I cannot overstate how much gratitude and love I have for my fellow TeeDubbers.


Digital media creative (writer, director, editor, director of photography, camera / drone operator, sound designer), software developer, advisor, community activator.


The kind of trip that makes you audio hallucinate David Attenborough narrating your life...


Videographer (director, editor, camera operator)